Hi, I'm Luc.

Profiles: github, hacker news.

I'm a software maker, working on software of all sizes.

Some fun, recent examples:

  • a fun mobile product: making a mobile app for an airline with React Native, Redux, and native extensions.
  • a fun server-side project: making a Learning Record Store with Elixir, Postgres and RabbitMQ, that passes the ADL's 'XAPI Conformance Test Suite,' which also resulted in an open source contribution to Elixir's Plug library.
  • a fun web feature: writing a pleasant, google-calendar-esque feature that big pharma companies used to organize and plan complex events with hundreds to thousands of different individual tracks; delivered quickly, while working UI-to-DB in a new-to-me legacy codebase of from 600k-1M lines of code.

In the past 6 years, I've been privileged to act as lead (often sole) engineer on projects to:

  • Create a real-time app for an innovation leadership event at a top-5 brand.
  • Create a sales tool for rapidly prototyping the custom healthcare portals sold by the biggest insurance company in the U.S.
  • Show utility consumers how to find pay stations and report power outages.
  • Engage and educate the salesforce of a major consumer bank, with performance-based sales challenges and spaced-repetitions-based learning games, with gamification that rewarded sales performance as well as product knowledge.
  • Deliver major iterations of an innovative pilot app for a major US Bank with computer vision features.
  • Showcase the innovation of a materials science company in its first brand campaign in a decade.
  • Map the dining, lodging and travel benefits for members of a travel-oriented credit card company.
  • Connect a network of signature airport lounges.

Mostly these have been as a contractor, playing the role of Lead Engineer or SSE/RSE, and occasionally as RSE/SSE as an employee. Delivering a quality product or project is the important thing.

I like building things with a good amount of ownership when feasible; if we can work DB-to-UI, with the ability to own and deliver up to full products, that can have a lot to commend it.

Reach out any time to superluc@gmail.com.