Hi, I'm Luc.

I like solving problems with software.

I've been making software for most of my life now. My last project was creating a mobile app for an airline.

In the past 5 years, I've been lead (often sole) developer on projects that do things like:

  • Create a real-time app for a week-long leadership event at one of the top 5 brands in the world.

  • Connect a network of signature airport lounges.

  • Create a sales tool for rapidly prototyping the custom healthcare portals sold by the biggest insurance company in the U.S.

  • Show utility consumers how to find pay stations and report power outages.

  • Showcase the innovation of a materials science company.

  • Map the dining, lodging and travel benefits for members of a travel-oriented credit card company.

  • Engage and educate the salesforce of a major consumer bank, with performance-based sales challenges and spaced-repetitions-based learning games.

My current interests mostly relate to rapid development of distributed software.

If you have a problem and you think software might be able to solve it, reach out at superluc@gmail.com.